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Frequently asked questions

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  • How is this different from what is being proposed by the STO?

    The Supporters of the Loop back the STO and the City of Gatineau’s plan to connect Gatineau’s tram system with downtown Ottawa and Ottawa's LRT.

    The Ottawa-Gatineau Transit Loop is a vision that complements Gatineau's 26 km streetcar project, with the addition of 2.7 km of rail track to complete a loop circuit between downtown Ottawa and Gatineau.


  • Who would build the loop?

    Prior to any construction, the Supporters of the Loop believe that the federal government, the City of Gatineau, the City of Ottawa, the governments of Quebec and Ontario, the Algonquin Anishinaabe community and the National Capital Commission should work together to assess the benefits of a rail loop that would connect the Ottawa and Gatineau transit systems.


  • Why is a rapid transit connection between Ottawa and Gatineau necessary?

    According to the STO, there are approximately 200,000 crossings between Ottawa and Gatineau each day and current interprovincial car and transit infrastructure is at maximum capacity. Gatineau's population is set to increase by 26% by 2051 (+33% for Gatineau's west end) and Ottawa's population is set to increase by 26% by 2046.

    Even if all buses crossing between Gatineau and Ottawa were converted to high capacity bi-articulated buses, the current interprovincial transit infrastructure would not be able to accommodate future growth.


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